ham horn is the best ios app i’ve ever used

i found an app on the ios app store called “ham horn“. this app is beautiful. not only is it perfect in every way (it does exactly what it advertises!!!!! without extra bullshit or social networks!!!!!) but the reviews are so beautiful that i felt inpired to write my own:

title: “i uninstalled everything else”


after i got this app i realized a few things about my life. the main thing was that air horns just can’t be anticipated, and that this app is the proof!!

broken families have been brought together beecause of this app. ham horn has stopped small wars in the balkans. one time i went to see my cousin in brasil and found that she had been living out of her station wagon because it had the recharging ports for the phone so she could keep using jam horn. she had a microphone hooked up to the car radio, and the microphone was duck taped to the bottom of her phone, so she could drive around the neighborhood and play messages for people. when her car came around parents would stop fighting just to hear the horn. kids would come running to try and steal the tires. but my cousin was too fast for them, besides tires are way heavier than kids so they didn’t stand a chance anyway. i once saw an old dog die peacefully when it heard the ham horn come on, it was so so sad and heartwarming. my cousin also once got out of a traffic ticket because of ham horn, the brasilian police just couldn’t stop LAUGHING haha
anyway it’s been three weeks since i got this app and people keep calling me but i am just un-a-vailable, i just keep PRESSING!!! thank you for this gift to the world this may be my last app review 

ham horn is dead, long live ham horn🖤🖤🖤

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