while you wait!

the tech world smirks

sodden with profit

with permission

with sympathy

we are pleased with how well we’ve done for ourselves

as we build the next killer tool

not because it’s so good for the world

but it will help us get promoted,

and anyway the work is interesting enough

and when we disagree, we do so civilly

though we’ve become so skeptical as to have become spineless

the benefit of our doubts working to the benefit of those who employ us

“to be fair, we don’t know exactly what they were thinking when they built it”

but, there will be more projects to come,

best not to make a fuss of it

and so, with a

flash of meetings,

colors designed to bring you joy,

and delightful user interface design

we build you a bigger better manhattan project

while you wait!


Edit: Oh, nifty, Yonatan Zunger agrees with me

2 thoughts on “while you wait!

  1. I only wish more people took this seriously. Hope you get yourself to a happier place soon. Even in darkness it’s from love that we change the world.

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