o dog… y mus tech bros be s o insufferable

am on the metro north and there’s some dude just blathering about his app that he’s developing with some people at startup and this and that thing about some meeting or whatever and i’ve stopped expecting every overheard conversation to be about tech since leaving sf and now it is 500000000% more infuriating cuz my resistance has worn down with time

also it’s kinda funny cuz it seems like the person he’s talking to really doesn’t want to be talking about this but the guy is too oblivious to pick up on all the conversation hints

and he’s ignoring his significant other person who keeps interjecting to say “oh i took this picture take a look”

i’ve known this guy purely as an observer for 5 minutes and i abjectly hate what he’s doing right now

this was exacerbated significantly by my ipod running out of juice just as i was drowning him out with iluvya (thom yorke)

i wonder what he’d think about my ode to the bros

meh… he’s probably be like all the other kids on reddit. i’m not actually interested in finding out

i’m getting off this train now. thank dog.

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