Hi! I’m Dan Barella (they/them). I want to use what I know to help people. My spirit animal is a muddy labrador-retriever-style mutt wearing a dinosaur hat, with a bandana tied around its eyes. Reggie Watts is my comedic/improv muse.

I’m Brasilian-American, I was born in Germany, and when I grow up I’m going to be dinosaur. I make (and occasionally break) all sorts of things – though I generally try to make more than I break. These things include code, bread, and some thoughts from here to there.

I speak Portuguese and English fluently, I’m learning Hebrew, and I mostly forgot German.
I’m a graduate of Oberlin College (Class of 2015), where I double-majored in Computer Science and Physics, played as much capoeira/bass as I could fit into that schedule, and wore rollerblades instead of shoes (up and down steps, yes it’s true).

I work at Google as a software engineer in NY – before that I spent a year and a half in SF working at… Google SF. My “life goals” are to balance an engineering, science, teaching, music, playing, clowning, improv-ing, and improving. That’s a lot of things; just looking at this list I suspect that my hopes are slightly starry-eyed and idealistic, and I suppose that’s alright. I love running, finally refactoring the code to that stage where it’s really pretty and you don’t wanna add anything cuz you might have to change it and that might make it less pretty, and the really satisfying crunchy lines that Tigran Hamasyan (swoon) plays.

External Metadata About Me:

  • I maintain a playlist of all my favorite YouTube things – usually it’s music, sometimes it’s the occasional dog video, sometimes it’s… a weird thing.
  • You can (sorta) see what I’m reading here! I don’t update this very frequently
  • My music taste might be described by my last.fm account, but I usually listen in places that last.fm can’t get to (like YouTube and all that).

Many thanks to my friend Ian Vecchiotti, who convinced me to set this blog up in the first place.

I love making friends, so if the things here excite you, we could be friends too! Here’s a way to contact me that doesn’t involve logging into a WordPress account. You can also leave a standard WordPress comment at the bottom of the page.

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